ExpressVPN Torrenting

When it comes to choosing the Virtual Private Network for torrenting, the user needs to be very careful with their choices and the type of service they opt for. Selecting the best service can be quite tedious as there are so many things to consider which includes speed, privacy policy and security offered by the service.

When you take on the wrong VPN service, you will encounter numerous problems that include IP leaks, dropped connections and speed issues. In this post, we will speak about the torrenting capabilities of Express VPN and whether or not it is a viable option in comparison to the other services out there in the market.

We will also see the different pros and cons related to ExpressVPN torrenting.

Express VPN Policy

Before going into the pros and cons related to torrenting with the best VPN in 2019 service, let us first look into the privacy policy specifics of the service. The service has absolutely no download limits for the user, making it great for torrents. And since the service is based in the British Virgin Islands, there is no need for them to comply with the American government copyright and other regulations.

In addition to this, the service comes with a whole different set of feature offerings such as the Kill Switch, that cuts of all of the internet traffic when the VPN connection drops in between. Additionally, they believe in zero log policy, meaning that they will not keep track of any of the sites and torrents that are visiting using their service. However, they do collect data on the type of servers you chose to connect over time.

Pros of Express VPN

As discussed above, one of the advantages of choosing ExpressVPN is the iron clad privacy policy of no logging at all. And with the bundle of other features that it has to offer like relatively faster speed, choosing Express VPN for your torrenting needs only makes sense. With its easy to use interface, any new user can get rolling within a span of a few minutes and download their favorite content from the internet around the world.

Apart from this, all it takes to install the Express VPN and set it up completely are mere 5 minutes and you are up and running with it. As a user, you do not have to have any kind of technical knowledge to use the service. User can make use of torrenting on each and every server of the ExpressVPN, making it more suitable to use.

Cons of Express VPN

The only major drawback that is worth considering while choosing service, is the amount that you will have to pay each month for downloading your favorite shows on the internet. The cheapest plan offered by the service is around $9 each month, which is a lot considering another good VPN service that is a lot cheaper than this.

The highest plan at offer is $13 each month, which is again a lot of money. Being said that, they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like the service.


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