Intego review 2021

Today, the Mac is still a more secure operating system than Windows, but as it gains popularity, it is becoming more vulnerable. Thus, installing antivirus software like Intego is a necessity.

Does mac need antivirus?

Happy owners of “apple” devices most likely at least once wondered whether an antivirus for a MacBook is needed at all. It’s no secret that Apple brand developments around the world are among the best, according to many people. After all, Apple has always claimed that its technologies are innovative, and no infections from the Web can infringe on unique gadgets. Nevertheless, although until recently this was the case, now the macOS still needs additional security. This system is not as susceptible to Internet infections as Microsoft Windows, so the comparative analysis of suitable defenders will differ.

Speaking of MacBooks, each user asks whether the system needs antivirus support because the manufacturers claim that their brainchild is a completely modernized gadget with the latest technology, which is protected from rootkits and Trojans, phishing attacks, and other malicious entities on the Internet. But hackers in this industry, unfortunately, are doing quite well, and just until recently, macOS was invulnerable. Today, this operating system still requires additional protection, although it is not as susceptible to viruses as the Windows operating system. In this regard, the list of defenders will be significantly different than concerning Microsoft development.

Choosing the best antivirus for macOS

All antivirus software includes additional security packages, such as ransomware protection. Recently, Ransomware infections have become more frequent – a type of infection when a virus encrypts all user data on a PC and requires payment for decryption.

To choose the best program for protecting macOS, you should consider options among the latest developments, including the basic requirements:

  • providing protection and constant updates online;
  • constant monitoring of messages from the protocols IMAP4, POP3, SMTP;
  • monitoring messengers via HTTP;
  • control of sites for damage and infection;
  • control of all documentation coming through the iChat IM explorer;
  • exploit protection;
  • monitoring of mail and archive memory of the Cloud;
  • analysis for viruses from WindowsOS;
  • parental control;
  • virtual keyboard.

All the data in this list will help you choose the best program for destroying harmful carriers.

Intego – a good antivirus for macs

Intego is the fastest application we’ve reviewed. It not only quickly detects, but also instantly cleans up problematic code fragments. According to the Intego review, the software product costs more than most of its analogs. A reliable antivirus and a great firewall are well worth it. If your budget just doesn’t allow you to purchase this bundle, you can opt for more affordable software like Bitdefender Antivirus.

However, the Intego antivirus ensures the security of the OS in real-time mode, scanning all the components that take part in the work. The frequency of updates is important for complete protection because hackers are constantly improving their software. Fortunately, the Comodo developers provide regular patches to keep suspicious files out of the way.


  • Certificate from two laboratories;
  • Complete firewall;
  • Recognition of malware on Mac, Windows, Linux.


  • Poor virus detection on Windows;
  • There is no protection against malicious and fake websites.

According to the latest AV-Test report, Intego scored the highest in security and usability. The weaknesses of the software indicate a decrease in performance, suggesting a possible drawdown in operating speed. The only exception is a full system scan, which applies to all antiviruses. On the other hand, due to the high speed of work, you don’t have to wait long.


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