Avast SafeZone Review – How to Install and is it Safe to Use?

With so many products offerings in its line of products, Avast offers a competent web browser and claims it to be the most secure browser available in the market, Avast SafeZone is based on Opera and runs on Chromium engine. However, the web browser does not come as a standalone application and is combined with the different products like Avast Free antivirus, Premier and Ultimate. In this article, we will be looking in depth about the different feature offerings that it has to offer. Here is our complete Avast SafeZone Review.

SafeZone Browser

The major advantage of using the web browser is the pay mode that it provides to its users for private online transactions, during shopping and banking through your devices on the internet. It also consists of in-built plugins that include an ad blocker, video downloader, and passwords. However, the user will not be able to download and install any other plugin because of the different security risks at hand. Following are some of the key features of Avast SafeZone Browser.

  1. Avast SafeZone offers good security protection with integrated anti-phishing scan and malware shield.
  2. The integrated ad blocker plugin makes sure no advertisement is displayed while on web surfing and buying.
  3. Users can download the videos directly from the browser with integrated video downloader from sites like Vimeo and YouTube among others.

How to Install the Web Browser?

You can only access the web browser together with the Antivirus solution offered by Avast. It also comes with the free version. You cannot download and install it separately as it is not available as a standalone application. In order to get access to the web browser, follow the following steps.

  1. Go the Avast website and install the latest version of Avast Antivirus.
  2. Fire up the wizard and install the antivirus.
  3. Select to install the safe zone browser and confirm it by clicking on install.

As and when the installation process is finished, users can get access to the web browser which is ready to use.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the browser is completely safe to use and is amongst the most secure web browsers that are currently available for users to use. The web browser is also compatible with Windows 10, along with Windows 7 and 8. There is no need to worry about anything will make use of the internet through Avast SafeZone Web Browser.

Wrapping Up

Avast has a wide range of product offerings and all of its products are liked by many users around the world because they are powerful, secure and fast. Being one of the most secure browsers to surf the web and go online to shop, most users find SafeZone a good option for their internet needs. And if you are someone who likes to make use of Opera, then chances are you will also like the use of SafeZone.


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