NordVPN Netflix

Nord offers one of the best VPN services all around the world, with hundreds and thousands of servers to be connected by the users as per their choice. It ensures your privacy with their no logging policy and with their use of OpenVPN and 256 AES encryption, one can browse the internet from all over the world without any worry at all.

However, Netflix being as famous as it is around the world does not encourage people to use the VPN service and thus are taking down a huge number of servers. But with the addition of new servers each day, users can still access their favorite shows on Netflix from all around the world. In this article will be speaking about NordVPN and Netflix and the different pros and cons of it.


NordVPN is continuously upgrading their technology in order to provide their users with the ability to bypass geo-restrictions allowing the user all over the world to stream their favorite content on US Netflix. The company is constantly updating their webpages related to support on their website, thus providing user accurate data to bypass restrictions and access content.

At the time of writing this article, NordVPN claims that users can access Netflix from their desktop and Mac devices using any of the servers, and for other devices, they can do the same from server numbers 722-725 and 707-710.

Pros of NordVPN

  1. Netflix and Torrenting

Well torrenting data or try to bypass geo-restricted websites, NordVPN works absolutely well. Users can even get easy access to Netflix and watch their favorite shows and content from the United States.

  1. No Log Policy

As a part of their service offer to the users around the world, they also offer no logging policy, allowing the user to be safe and secure all the time. Even if any of the government agencies ask them to provide the data, there is no way they can do so, as they do not have any data stored with them for that purpose.

  1. Great Features

The VPN service offered by Nord provides an abundance of features to the users that make it a great service to be used. It provides Kill switch functionality, double VPN service and is compatible with major operating platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Cons of NordVPN

  1. Speed

With so many great offerings, the only place where Nord lacks is the speed of its VPN service. If you are someone who is looking for extra fast speed for a VPN then it is not the most suited option. However, the connection speed offered by NordVPN is good in most of the countries and still is a better option.

Wrapping Up

In general, if you are looking to access Netflix using a VPN service, NordVPN is a great option to be considered. You can use one of the many servers available to access and streamline your favored content from the United States. Though the speed may not be as good as you need it to be, it works well enough.


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