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Keep Your Business Ahead Of Competitors With The Board management software

In today’s world, online communication has become an integral part of workflows. Such transformations are becoming key to solving strategic business problems at any level. 

Board software – a perfect venue for your online event

The most important guarantee of success is the combination of business needs and innovations offered by the modern world of digitalization. Digital transformation can be a major competitive advantage.

Nowadays most media have become digital with a predominant share of the electronic component, which sets the main trend of business processes. Electronic forms of communication increase the efficiency of communication between sellers and buyers and provide modern prospects for restructuring business processes. A great example is board software that is widely used for organizing a business communication environment. 

board management software is a multifunctional multimedia solution for webinars, presentations, meetings, web conferences, training, online courses, and other forms of distance learning and business communication.

It can be used in different spheres:

  • For the corporate sector. Hold online meetings with business partners, video meetings, conferences between branches, and training on corporate employee training.
  • For sale. Conduct online presentations of your products and services to expand your customer base and sales geography. Increase brand awareness with promotional webinars and video consultations, where you can introduce potential users to the quality and benefits of your products.
  • For training. A unique opportunity to conduct effective webinars and online training from anywhere in the world. Share your knowledge, win the attention of hundreds of potential customers and become a sought-after tutor!

How to organize a board meeting online?

There are the following steps:

Register on the platform, create a study, and plan an event.

  • It is desirable to create a registration form. You can register future participants using Google forms or built-in tools. That way, you’ll know exactly who to wait for on video. In addition, registered members are directly included in your visit statistics or become library users.
  • During registration, the obligatory point is the contact details of the participants. This is necessary in order to send information about the conditions of joining the online conference.
  • It is important to find out from potential participants how much they know about the technical features of the program that you will use to broadcast and conduct, for if necessary, early consultations.
  • If one of the participants is a speaker, he should be consulted for additional tools (screen demonstration, etc.).
  • Post the link to log in to the platform in advance. It is better to remind about the event an hour before it starts. Because letters are sometimes lost in the flow of others, many surprises occur.
  • The online event will be more efficient and high-quality if, in addition to the trainer/lecturer /presenter, there is a broadcast moderator on the air who will follow the technical points (whether everything the speaker wanted to show is broadcast, whether he forgot to turn on/off the microphone, etc.). If this connection is for a large number of people, the moderator can follow the chat so that the coach /speaker does nothing missed and paid attention to all the needs of the audience.
  • The event should not be longer than 2 hours. Otherwise, the viewer/user will quickly get bored and leave the broadcast. Of course, it is difficult to hold the audience’s attention. Especially if you are not broadcasting a blockbuster, but conducting a training lecture, although very interesting.

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