Art News and Where to Find Them

Art is a huge industry that inspires us and helps us express ourselves. If you are an art lover, you know how important it is to find a good source of news. It’s hard to keep track when you are just surfing around the Internet. That’s why, it’s better to start with reliable sources like Frieze, Art in America, Artspace, Whitehot Magazine, and Artnews. These are the best art news websites that cover all sorts of art, artists, events, etc. Let’s get to know more about each of them. 


It’s the most renowned art website that is popular among both art lovers and professionals in the industry. It features different art, artists, exhibitions, events, etc. For instance, it reviewed Spirit Cooking installation and many contemporary art pieces. Just like a magazine, it has editorials with various artists. The site covers art-related stories and shares critical reviews of museums, galleries, and exhibitions. If you want to get art news from trusted resources, this is your go-to place. 


This is a perfect site that operates as a marketplace for art. Its goal is to bring art closer to people. Many collectors find interesting finds here. Even simple art fans can get something extraordinary for the house. Artspace also has an online magazine covering the latest news and trends in art. Aside from that, there are posts that teach how to pick the art, what to pay attention to, etc. This organization is proud to work with such well-known institutions as Guggenheim Museum, The Andy Warhol Museum, The Met, and others.  

Art in America

This used to be a magazine with a hundred-year-old history. Now it went digital and delivers more art news to people from all across the globe. The website reviews events, galleries, and various artists. It also has a calendar of events that may help you plan your visits to certain museums and art galleries when the right exhibitions are on display. 

It still has a printed edition that comes out monthly. So, if you prefer to get printed news, this can be a wonderful choice. Art in America has had plenty of notable contributors. Ted Mooney, Dave Hickey, and Joe Lewis are among them. 

Whitehot Magazine

The digital magazine founded by Noah Becker is especially popular with young and aspiring artists. Whitehot Magazine helped launch numerous careers as hundreds of writers and critics publish their works here. The magazine covers news, reviews, interviews, and other art journalism.

It stands out from the rest of similar sites by having an official YouTube channel that contains lots of documentaries about contemporary art.


The oldest and most notable art magazine on the list is Artnews. Since it went digital, the site has readers from over 124 countries. The online source has a perfect reputation as it covers art, artists, related news, and events all around the world. Artnews still has a printed edition, too. It comes out 4 times a year and delivers the best articles and reviews. 

These sites are only a drop in the ocean of choices. There are many other decent options. In case you couldn’t find anything you like, Artfag City, Artforum, The Art Newspaper, and other sites are worth trying.


By Laurence

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